About company

The Institute of Power Engineering is a state owned research Institute. The Institute of Power Engineering, Gdańsk Division, was established in 1954 and, from the very beginning has been closely connected with Electricity Supply Industry (ESI).Gdansk Division has implemented and maintains the Quality Management System, which fulfils the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015-10.

Gdańsk Division has 110 employees, 95 of whom have degrees, mostly in electrical and electronic engineering. Employment has an increasing trend.

Our major customers are from Electricity Supply Industry in Poland. However our products and services have also been provided to industrial power plants (automation systems) and shipyard industry (excitation systems, shaft generator control).
At international level our products and/or services have been provided to: USA, SPAIN, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Former Soviet Union Countries.
We have been co-operating with: ABB, GE, Emerson, Siemens to provide various products and services to both polish and foreign customers.

Gdansk Division is application oriented with projects performed mainly in-house. However co-operation with industrial partners has been intensified during last years. Gdansk Division of The Institute of Power Engineering is active both in research and technical services. Technical services are performed by the same staff providing R&D. It help us important feedback. Generally we carry out the whole process from the study phase through development, design, manufacturing and installation supervision up to commissioning. This approach is applied to all our products and equipment provided.


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